Saturday, August 8, 2015

A trip to the Japanese Gardens

 I realize it has been almost a year since I posted anything on this blog, but I'm going to try and do better with that.  Anyway, I thought I would start out small with a trip we took to our local botanical gardens.  They just opened a Japanese garden area this summer.  So this was our maiden voyage there.  I love that picture of Auggie in the kimono!
 They have a kids area inside where you can dress up in kimonos and rake some carpet like a Zen garden and sit in a tea house.
 Of course things got a little wild when the boys were involved!  Hamming it up.
 But the gardens were beautiful and are such a fun addition to the gardens!
 This is an overlook of some of the gardens.
And one of the 3 waterfalls they have within the Japanese gardens.  We had a lot of fun there and can't wait to go back!  We have already taken Bubbie (Zack's Mom) and Gage (cousin) while they were here visiting in July.  We'd be happy to take any visitors who wish to go!!

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