Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2 months old, or 10 weeks, take your pick

I like to go with 10 weeks since it sounds like he is older and that is good to me because it makes me feel like I am closer to him making a break through on the sleeping front. What? You might be thinking since before I had said he was a pretty good little sleeper. But as we all know, with babies, nothing is permanent and apparently the whole awesome sleeping thing was a short lived dream. He's not horrible mind you, still 100 times better than the other 2 were at this age, but he has decided that he doesn't like to nap. Yeah, kind of a problem. He will only sleep for about 30-45 min and then he is up. So it makes for a lot of naps everyday to try and get in all the sleep that he should be getting, but what can you do? However, he is doing pretty good at night, so I won't complain. But I will say life has been a little rough around our house in the past month and so I'm looking forward to when he gets a little bit older and can stay up a little bit longer between his naps. (And hoping, fingers crossed, that his naps improve as he gets older.)
In better news, he is getting bigger and he is smiling and giggling which is fun. He has also discovered his hands and they are fascinating! He also has figured out that he can sometimes randomly hit and kick toys that jingle which is also fun.
It's hard to catch babies smiling, but here is a sort of half smile. Doesn't he look like Oliver when he was a baby? Trust me he does, if you don't remember.
He likes to stick out his tongue when you do it to him, a fun game.

He looks like he is being mean here sticking out his tongue. ha, ha.
Babies first "wet willie." Ha, ha. Just kidding, that's just what it looked like when I first saw it.

He has decided he likes tubby time. This is his Magnum Steel pose.
"What you talkn' 'bout Willis?" or "You did WHAT?" ha, ha.