Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chariot La Rue, Where are you?

Anyone seen a white 1990 Toyota Camary rolling around Craziville unattended? If so, please tell the meany-heads that stole it to give it back!!! That's right, our beloved Chariot La Rue, our proud steed was stolen at Zack's school on Monday. He came out to go home and then realized that it wasn't where he parked it. Hmmmm.....where did that car go? A talk with the campus police and a very unhelpful/unfriendly lady in the office and Zack was without a car. He filed a police report, maybe it will turn up? But seriously, who steals and old 1990 rusty car that doesn't start most of the time and has NOTHING valuable in it? They must have been pretty desperate. Jokes on them when they can't get it to start......ha, ha, ha. Ok, I guess maybe they scraped it for parts and got some quick cash, but HOW RUDE.


I would have put a picture but well I couldn't take one. But a moment of silence for our beloved car that is no longer with us......

Friday, March 18, 2011

How babies are like pets!

So you know how funniest home videos always has videos of people doing this to their dogs and cats? Well it's equally as fun to make your baby chase a smiley face flash light up and down the wall! Zack and I had a good laugh. Hope you do too! (It may be hard to see the light in the video, but it's there! And yes, this is what we do for fun around here! It's the end of winter, what can we say? We've been indoors too long!)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Calories thy name is LIFE RUINER!

This is what I wish I could be doing instead of working out! Don't you love that robe?
I wish I looked this cute while working out with my head phone on!

So I realize that I have been extremely lucky to have had 26-30 years of virtually care free eating and movement, but then all the sudden a few years later and 2 kids the wiser and my body is not being so forgiving as it once was. SIGH. So I have had to start exercising *GASP* and looking at just how many calories things contain. Even Bigger GASP! Are you people aware of how many calories things contain??? What the WHAT???? (Ok, probably you are, I have just been clueless and maybe in just a little bit of denial.) Zack has seriously become a huge downer for me in this area, always telling me how many calories things have in them. I mean I love him, but couldn't he have let me live in my ignorance? (I know he's just doing it out of love, and to be that slap in the face when I need it! Which is a good thing. ha, ha) That is what indifference has given me......a seriously RUDE awakening! Now I find myself thinking things like, "hmmmm.....those 4 pieces of licorice is like 15 min. on the elliptical." UGH......that's just ludicrous! 4 pieces of licorice! So wrong. So rude. So not fair.
Did you know that like 2 TBSP. of Peanut Butter is almost 200 calories?! That 1/4 cup of M & M's is 210 calories?! That's like 20 some minutes of exercise. All that work for one little handful of M &M's? Oh man. Cutting calories is not going to be easy.

But cutting calories is only half of my problem. For any of you that have lived with me, you know that I don't like to exercise. I mean really dislike it. I laughed in it's face for years! Now who's laughing? Not me as I lace up to get on the elliptical. It's so hard not to put it off. Trust me, I try. "I'll do it at nap time.......I'll do it after dinner.....I'll do it after we put the kids to bed....." but then I go to grab that piece of licorice and sigh, "I'm going, I'm going."

What are the chances that I'm going to start enjoying working out? Good? Maybe? I hope so. Because let's face it, I like eating too much to give it up! Just not going to happen. So hears to hoping that it starts to get a bit easier! So far I am doing 3 miles on the elliptical per session. I thought that was pretty good for a start 3 times a week? I don't's something. Ok, that's probably nothing to all you awesome marathon runners and what not, have to start somewhere right?! Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The slacker returns!!

Well I know I was suppose to be blogging every week. And so like 2 months later here I am. Oops. Well all I can say is that I will try to be better! So what have we been up to? Still cold here, yep, still cold. Ruby has been drinking out of a cup a lot and is pretty good at it now.
Oliver and Ruby have more moments where they actually like each other and play together. There is hope! Usually one is pestering the other, but there are the moments. Makes a mama proud!
Ruby is always sad to be left inside when anyone else gets to go out. She usually gets ready just in case there is the off chance someone will give in and take her out!
All in all we are just trying to keep busy until the weather turns warmer and we can go outside and enjoy the sunshine!

The crew working on some lego stuff.
Lumber Jack Oliver
Zack feeding the kids shredded cheese! It was sort of like a petting zoo!