Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boston Baked Beans

I thought I would post some pics of our few adventures before coming to Utah. We went to Boston one day to have some fun and in true MA fashion, of course nothing goes smoothly since we moved there, we ran into a few snags. We had picked out a subway stop to park at and go into Boston on. But of course once we got there, it was closed down for the day. ARGG.....but luckily a worker was there to help guide us to somewhere else and it ended up that we could catch a bus into the city a little further. And then we found out that the subway was still running in Boston, just not in the outer areas. Whew, disaster averted. So finally we got there, and managed to have a really nice day. And for once, the weather was nice which hasn't happened once on an outing so far in MA. We went to the Christian Science center something, something....which has this really cool 30 foot world globe made out of stained glass built in the early 1900's. It was really cool, but we couldn't take pictures of it inside. But you stand in the middle of the globe on a clear bridge, it's pretty fun. Then we walked along some of the fun streets in Boston with all the shops, went to a park, and then made it in time to see a little of the Fine Arts Museum before it closed. All in all it was a fun Family Day!!

A really pretty picture outside of the Museum.

Talk about a big baby head!

Oli having some snacks out side the Museum, Me having a big yawn.

This is inside the globe place at this great hall they have with all sorts of ispirational quotes floating around the room. It was kind of cool. This picture is actually of the light fixtures they had in the room. I thought they were neat.

This is the Church next to the Christian Science whatever.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

In the Land of Milk and Honey!

Hey all, it's been awhile since I've posted anything. This is largely because Zack finished up his first year of Grad school in MA and so has been home more to play with us! It has been great! Then shortly after that, we took the first plane out of Crazyville and headed to Utah for some fun in the sun! We are enjoying being in Happy Valley once again with all the things it offers, mainly FAMILY! After having no family or friends around and living in a gross dirty city, we sort of feel like we have come to the Land of Milk and Honey here in Utah. It's great! I haven't seen one piece of trash lining the streets and people actually have yards! Not to mention the fact that they have some delicious mexican food, and lots of icecream! And I haven't seen many run down factories which is always a plus. I haven't downloaded any pics yet of our trip here, but I will. Oliver is having the time of his life with 2 sets of grandparents to adore him and cousins to play with. I think he may have even forgotten that Zack and I exsist! Anyway, here's to Utah: A Pretty Great State!