Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Big 7

Well, here are some photos since it's been awhile and since we are now getting some sleep (YAHOO) I don't really have any excuses not to update a little more often. Some updates: Ruby is sleeping pretty good and has finally taken to sleeping in her crib for naps more often. I think we are breaking her down. Take that baby! And Oliver has conquered his fear of the big potty and has gone diaper free outside the house all week now with no accidents! Now we just have to conquer the #2 issue. Life's little victories.

Also today is our Anniversary. 7 years we've been married, that's crazy to think. I can't believe it, and at the same time it's hard to imagine ever NOT being married to Zack. (In a good way of course.) I guess all I can say is, Oh how I love that man of mine!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Where's my personal trainer?

So lately we have been doing a lot of training. We have been potty training Oliver. (Yes, I know he is 3 1/2 but it just didn't happen before this point for various reasons.) And his potty training is actually going pretty well. He took to it pretty well I assume because he is so old and knows when he needs to go and when he is going. However, the problem is that he is scared of the big potty and so he has to wear a diaper every time we leave the house because he is scared to use the big toilets. Our other problem is that he is scared to go #2 on the potty. He has managed to go twice on the potty, but I'm pretty sure those were flukes. But all in all he is doing a good job and we are proud of him. (If anyone has suggestions for our problem areas, please feel free to offer them.)

And Ruby has been in sleep training, FINALLY!! We started 2 weeks ago and finally in the last few nights she has settled down quickly and woken only a few times during the night to eat. HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!! Unless you have lived through holding your child for every nap time and all night every night for 6 months (which we have done now twice, Oliver was equally as bad) then you do not know how magical it feels to put your child in their crib at night and have them go to sleep and then to sit with the lights on in the living room and actually talk to your husband or do whatever you want until you want to go to bed. And then to go to bed and LIE DOWN, not sleep sitting up holding a baby all night but actually lie down and sleep. To get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time, it's a beautiful thing. It sort of feels euphoric and unreal at this point, but we are enjoying it. (That's sort of an understatement!) It's pure bliss! It has been a really tough road for us and I'd like to say it will never happen again, but seeing as both our children have been horrible sleepers, if we decide to have another, who's to say that they wouldn't be the same. But I really truely hope that it is a trial we won't be repeating a third time. The down side is that Ruby is still having a hard time sleeping for nap times in her crib, so we are working on that one. She has taken one or two naps on her own, but short ones and sort of broken. But she is improving slowly, so there is hope.

Now if I could get my own personal trainer to get me back in shape. baby weight hard to get rid of, especially when you have little kids to take care of. Time is limited and I'm tired. If only someone would show up and whip me into shape. Alas, I think the only trainer available at this point is working on child issues. Oh well, one can dream right?!