Friday, September 12, 2014

Summer Camping Part 1

 So I won't try and recap the whole summer but I will add our pictures from the 2 camping trips we did this summer.  Why?  Because it's monumental for us!  We went camping with 3 little kids and lived to tell about it! 
 And although it had some seriously ugly points (cue nighttime and mega-load of  mosquitoes) we had a lot of fun and the kids can't wait to go next year!  On this trip we just did one night because, well, we weren't sure how bad it could get and we didn't want to be roped into more torture than we had to.  (Always have an escape plan, that's what I say!)
 So we went to a place about 35 min from our house called P J Hoffmaster State Park.  We had never been there before, but had heard it was fun and pretty since the campground was in walking distance of the beach.  So after setting up camp and eating dinner, we walked the 10 min (would have been 5 without slow coach kids....) and then we arrived at this:
 I mean what??  It was amazing!  So beautiful.  You walk from the campground through some forest that turns into sand walkway and then it just opens up to this amazing beach and sand dunes.
 Auggie looks like he is hiding from the paparazzi here.  We watched an amazing sunset and roasted s'mores.  Could life be better?
 Sadly, nighttime was ugly.  People we camped by were up really late, and well we all had a hard time sleeping except Ruby who zonked out and we didn't hear from until morning.  And there were some serious amounts of mosquitoes.  I mean A LOT.   But in the morning we got to head out to the beach again and it was a blast. 
 There were all sorts of sand dunes to climb and explore and run down!  It was fun.  And the beach was a private beach only for the campers.  So we just played there all morning.
 Ruby wrote her name in the sand for a little practice for kindergarten!
And of course August was a goofball.
Anyway, even though we didn't get a lot of sleep and we all had more mosquito bites than we cared to count, it was AMAZING!!  Have I mentioned Michigan is Awesome?!  Oh and I had to add this video of Oliver running down a dune.  He totally eats it and it's rad.  Don't worry, the picture above is right after, so you know he's okay!  :)

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