Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a strange world....

So I just thought I would share a crazy experience and also a random thought. I'm no Jack Handy, so they won't be deep, but how deep can a person be expected to be when they are only getting like 3 or 4 hours a sleep a day??

My story:
So we were at the park the other day, and it was busy because it was the weekend. Now lets keep in mind that we had to go to a park in Craziville because the one we normally go to was too far to go with our allotted time. (Normally we head outside of Craziville to avoid ghetto park experiences such as when my car got kicked in and dented by someone with a big foot, person still unknown, dent still there.) So we picked the lesser of the ghetto parks for this particular day. But of course going to a ghetto park also insures that you get some good people watching. Zack and I love to people watch. Well on this day we found ourselves a douzy of a suspect! This woman had I believe one child with her, not sure as a few kids sort of drifted in and out of the picture. She was wearing an ever sporty crop top/hoody jacket. So from chest down we were bare until you hit the insanely tight jean shorts and the kicker was the awesome eighties ratted hair on top! So that alone was catching our attention because she just looked so great! (Her entire show takes place while she is pushing kids on the swing.) So I look over and she is pushing kids on the swing while talking on her cell phone, no biggy, parents do this all the time. Nothing says quality time like talking on your phone while playing with you kids! So then I look over again and she is now eating a bagel while pushing kids, I look over again and she is now talking on the phone while smoking while pushing kids. Yeah, smoking at a playground with TONS of kids around. Hmmm....I'm pretty sure that's taboo. So then she gets off the phone and is smoking over by the little toddler playground area, not cool, but to make matters worse, instead of holding the cigarette up high above the little children's' heads, she is holding it down way low, so she doesn't get the smoke in HER face. NICE. She about gave Oliver a cigarette burn when she was bending down holding her smoke behind her not watching and Oliver came around to get on the stairs. Needless to say, we moved on from that spot quickly. But my other favorite part was when she started talking to her friend who was then lifting up her shirt to put healing cream on her new tattoo that was across her stomach. I mean just a couple of real classy ladies. I was going to get their number to see if they wanted to start a play group or something, but unfortunately we had to go then.....

My observation:
So I am driving to the grocery store today and I notice on someone's back window one of those Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbs) peeing on something. And I just thought to myself, "Really? Are people really still putting those on their cars?" Because this was a newer looking car. I mean hasn't that whole thing gotten old yet? I remember those back in like Jr. High and that was almost 20 years ago! I mean it's not funny to me at all I've always thought that was really stupid, but can it really still be that funny or cool to other people? It amazes me that it's still so popular and apparently funny/cool. Does anyone else agree? I mean what is the deal? I guess I'm just not a bad apple! If I were a bad apple I would have a picture of someone or something peeing on my car. I guess I have enough children peeing on me in real life and in my car (in their diapers of course) that it just doesn't seem cool!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

At Long Last.....




Posted by PicasaSo our little girl was born and she has been a complete doll! Such a good baby. She does have her days and nights sort of mixed up, so the nights have been a little rough, but honestly she is so much better than Oliver was that it just seems crazy to us! Zack and I keep thinking at some point she's going to turn into a nightmare baby like Oliver was with sleeping. But so far so good, hopefully it keeps up!
And most importantly, after a week of diliberation and much pier pressure we have finally named her. We decided not to go with "Sister" as Oliver voted, but instead we have named her RUBY KATHLEEN. So there you have it, a baby, a name, and actually we moved 2 days before she was born, so a new apartment as well, all within a 10 day span. It's been a busy 10 days, but wonderful too, I'm just glad my parents were here to help us!