Monday, July 14, 2008

You scream, I scream, we all scream for.....

Here are some fun pictures of us having some ice cream on a semi-warm day. I think Oliver was really enjoying himself. It's pretty rough as a kid! :) He likes ice cream just a wee bit!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A lesson from my Mom

Since being in Utah, I have listened to A LOT of talk radio!! Not because I like talk radio, but because my Mom has a bit of an addiction to it. If it's talk radio, it's for her. So of course most of them have been talking politics and immigration, gas prices, etc... I guess the usual subjects that are going around right now. But yesterday a caller made a comment that really struck me because I had been thinking a lot about it lately. I think they were talking about gas prices and how some people were really struggling because the prices were so high. And this caller commented something to the affect that maybe we are all getting a slice of humble pie because now were are having to cut back and take a better look at our spending and our priorities. And he went on to talk about how so many people now really confuse needs and wants, and that what people think they need now, it took our parents or grandparents a lifetime to acrew. So that got me thinking about all the little luxuries that we enjoy now that we consider to be needs, but in reality, they are totally wants. Sure it's hot outside and air conditioning is nice, but didn't we get a long without for many a year? Fans. Sure having new furniture that all matches is nice, but does it really matter? If it's comfy, it works just as good matching or not. Sure an epilady would be great to allow me to not have to shave my legs as often, but should I run out and get one today because I decide I want one? I guess I can shave for awhile longer. Anyway you get my point. Another reason I've been thinking about this is being with my Mom, and not for talk radio this time. She's a funny lady, she often has a really strange Christmas or Birthday list that includes things that honestly most of the time I think to myself, why did you wait until Christmas to ask for an oven mitt? Just go and buy one at the store, I mean they are like $5. Or she had an small umbrella on her list for about 3 years in a row, again you would think she would just go and buy herself one. But instead, Zack and I finally broke down last year and got it for her. (Mostly I think because we were all sick of it being on the list!) It was a happy day!! So I've been thinking about that. It made me realize that I have become spoiled. Okay, not outlandishly spoiled because I think that would be hard considering we live on a student income right now, but in reality, I am. I wouldn't have thought twice about just picking up a new oven mitt or umbrella, or pair of socks at the store for no particular occasion. But I should. I think it's the consumer hungry society that we live in now that tells you just to buy, buy, buy. There is no need to go without something, just get it. What happened to waiting and putting something on your birthday list? Or saving up for something? Okay, I'm not saying I would save up for an oven mitt, but I should for a kitchenaid, or food processor that I seriously wanted and was just going to buy for myself given the opportunity. I think back when I was little, and we didn't just get a new toy whenever we wanted, or new clothes, or whatever. Those things came on gift giving holidays and rarely inbetween. And we survived just fine. So I've been thinking that I might need to gear my thoughts back to that way of thinking rather than filling my cart with my wants during my weekly store visits. Just a thought. I'm glad I can still learn a lesson or two from good old MOM! (Whew, that was long!)