Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sickness and Boredom

Not much is going on at our house these days except for the past week Ruby has been extremely sick. Therefore, our past week was ruled by a baby terroriest that was very grumpy. She started throwing up last week and then started in with a really high fever. This coupled with something going on every time she went to the bathroom made for many a sleepless night for Zack and me. She was waking up every time she went to the bathroom and sometimes in between that. Well the throwing up ended but the fever and diaper problems kept on. Then finally on Sunday night the fever seemed to go away but something was still bothering her when she went to the bathroom and she was getting so upset. Luckily I had just read a scary article in my Parents Magazine about Urinary Tract Infections which said all the symptoms of a UTI are fever, throwing up, and loss of appetite. It got me thinking, and 3 doctors visits and a urine baggy later we had confirmation that it was a UTI. So she has been on antibiotics for 2 days now and we have a much happier baby on our hands. She is almost back to normal that fast! WHEW! Who would have thought? I sure am glad I read that article the other day. I mean a lot of the time the article just freak me out because you realize how many things can go wrong with a baby/child, but this time it actually helped!!
So last night we all got a whole nights rest and it was glorious! We sure are glad our little cutie is feeling better.

On the other hand, since Ruby has been sick for a week, the rest of us (mainly Oliver) have been super bored since we couldn't leave the house. This is no way to spend the last weeks of summer. So hopefully we will be back on track now and ready for some fun come the weekend!
That's why I finally changed the background on our blog! It's only been like 3 years or something. Well I just picked one because I'm kind of slow when it comes to computer stuff, but I did manage this one. So for now it will stay, hopefully I can learn some new tricks and spice it up a little!
Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying summer's last hoorah!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun in Utah!

We are back from Utah, our vacation sadly over. Sniff.....but I guess don't feel too bad for us since it was a 5 week stay! It's good to be home and back in our own beds and able to get back to our usual routine. With that said, we are missing our family and friends already. It was a LONG flight, but eventually we made it home safe and sound. Utah, you were a good time!the kids had fun playing with all the "new" toys at Grammie and Grandpa's house.
We also took a fun, but rainy trip to the Hogle Zoo where we met Maggie and Porter once the rain let up. It was good to see them, even if it was short!
The kids took a ride on the carosel and of course Oliver chose.....
the PANDA! Big surprise. ( Ruby, was too scared to ride.)
Mostly we had fun just hanging out with family doing everyday things. I think my mom is explaining the war in Iraq here to Ruby. (Good luck with that Mom.)

The kids both loved seeing their cousin Gage, they had a lot of fun playing together.

Oliver and Uncle Greg both have a love of Star Wars and Legos making them a great pair, and a perfect birthday gift!! Oliver turned 5 while we were there and we had a fun party in Provo Canyon, pinata and all. Fun was had by all. We miss you all!