Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oops......revisiting Easter and Mother's Day!

Ok, we all know I'm slow and I would have just skipped some of these pictures and moved on since it is WAY past but some of them are cute and deserve a little recap!!! Indulge me.....

Grammie and Grandpa sent us an Easter package that had some funny bunny ears that we had a lot of fun wearing around

And they sent a new back pack for Oliver filled with fun easter things! Plus candy for us all to share! Yum. Thanks!
Oliver at the ward Easter Egg Hunt
It was rainy so it had to be moved inside at the last minute. Bummer. But it was still a hit.

Moving on to Mother's Day, we had the Wulf's over for dinner and Maggi brought a tasty ice cream cake.
Here Phil is feeding some cake to a very eager Ruby! If you think this is bad, you should have seen her attacking the steak that he shared with her! This girl loves to eat, and apparently loves steak! Sorry Phil, I think he may have only gotten 1/2 of his steak after sharing with Ruby!
That's the price you pay for sitting by WILL be shared!
This is a dress I made for a baby shower for my friend Amber, I thought it turned out cute, but my model wasn't really working with me! How do people on blogs get their kids to do all those perfect pictures???

Well that's my old picture update. I'm catching up, we are on vacation in Utah and so hopefully I will get us back on track for current events! Stay tuned!