Friday, October 9, 2009

Kolob Street

Lately Oliver has been picking out words in our reading that he doesn't know the meaning of and asking what they mean. Which can sometimes be tricky to answer because it's hard to explain the meaning of say: simple, galaxy, unruly, etc.... Those seem simple to explain, and maybe they are to some people, but when you actually try and do it with a 3 yr old, it gets kind of complicated. And it also leads to a lot more questions and then it sort of snowballs and ends with me saying, "ok, we just need to finish the story." Anyway, he has also been picking up words from music that we listen to or that I sing to him and asking what they mean. (It amazes me that he can do this first of all because I am notorious for getting music lyrics wrong, just ask Zack. I have many embarrassing stories of when I thought a song said one thing and well, I was WAY off.) So today I was singing songs to him before nap time and I was singing If You Could High To Kolob (hey, I'm sick of twinkle, twinkle, little star) and Oliver asked what Kolob was. to explain this. I said it's where God lives. He said, "like in heaven?" I said, "well heaven is a big place and God lives in heaven in Kolob." I could see this was confusing. It's like explaining we live in the United States and Massachusetts and Craziville, it's complicated to the 3 yr old mind. So I explained it's like we live in Craziville, but we also live on Psycho Street in Craziville. So I explained that God lives in Heaven which is a big place and he also lives on Kolob Street. (Yeah, I know, not entirely true, but hey do we really know how it works? I know I don't.) So Oliver said, "Does God live with the Angels on Kolob street?" I said, "Yes." Then Oliver said, "Does God drive an angel car?" Hmmmm....does God drive an angel car? I don't really know, but it was funny none the less. I told him that maybe God drives an angel car, I don't really know. He seemed pleased with that, I'm sure in his mind he is imagining God riding around on Kolob Street in some hot rod car! Hey, it makes heaven sound kind of fun doesn't it?! I guess I need to work on my gospel teaching skills!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bum Teeth and a Hair Cut!

This is a picture of Oliver with his new Batman toothbrush! The reason he got a new toothbrush was because the other night while he was in the bathtub I gave him his toothbrush so that he could brush his teeth before bed. I turned around to do something or put something away and when I looked back, he was brushing his bottom with it. (Not just the cheeks mind you, in the crack.) I immediately said, "WHAT are you doing???" Silence. I then said, "Why are you putting your toothbrush in your bum? That's gross! Toothbrushes are for you teeth not your bum." To which Oliver replied, "I was brushing my bum teeth." I then had to explain that we don't have teeth on on bums (thank goodness) and that if we stick our toothbrush in our bum then it is going to get gross and dirty. To which he cooly said, "ok" and that was that. Sigh. Where does he come up with these things? Needless to say, that toothbrush went quickly in the garbage and thus the new Batman toothbrush. I guess it could have been worse, he could have tried to wait, your bum is basically the most disgusting place you could put your toothbrush. Mission accomplished Oliver!

As for the haircut, Zack and I finally caved to just use the clippers on Oliver's hair. His hair is so wild with callicks and it grows so darn fast that it's annoying to have to keep paying for haircuts and I haven't been able to keep up with it since being pregnant and now with a new baby and often when we were out somewhere I would look over at our adorable son and think, "man he looks kind of crazy." So we gave in and finally gave Oliver the haircut that basically ever toddler boy is sporting, the buzz, in order to avoid having our child look like a total ragga-muffin. So for better or worse there you have it. It may be a little uneven since he was screaming the entire time and I was just trying to hurry, but oh well, it's better than it was!

*Update: I wrote this post awhile ago and never got to putting it on, so now Oliver's hair is sort of grown out in the picture. Time for another cut!