Thursday, September 15, 2011

Soon to be outnumbered

Well it looks like Ruby and I will soon be officially outnumbered in our house! Come January we will be welcoming a new baby boy to our house! Boys will rule the roost! Those for toilet seats left up as apposed to those for toilet seats left down will be out voted. (Well not really, I think Mom always gets the biggest vote in this right?)
Yes that's right, for those of you who didn't know I was expecting again, well, surprise! I'm expecting again. And for those of you who I haven't told the sex of the baby yet, well, surprise, IT'S A BOY!
We just found out last week. To be completely honest, Zack and I both had a twinge of disappointment that it wasn't another girl, but that quickly passed. (Don't feel bad kid, that has happened both times with the other kids too.) Now we are excited for a new addition and a baby brother! Oliver was VERY excited it was a boy. Not really that we are having a baby in general, but that it will be a boy. I think so far having a sister hasn't seemed to cool for him. Someday, someday! (we hope.)
So now we are starting to process of name picking. Is it me or are boy names WAY harder than girl names to pick out?!
Anyway, that's our news! Wish us luck as we approach going from a family of 4 to a family of 5!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of School and Update!

Yesterday was Oliver's first day of School! I can't believe he's old enough to start kindergarten! When did he get so big? This wasn't the greatest picture, but in true family fashion we were of course running late and were hustling to get us all in the car so we didn't miss the first day of school! (Trying to start the year out right you see....) So far we haven't gotten to much out of him about how it was, Oliver is not a sharing kind when it comes to things like this, he likes to keep some things to himself. SIGH....parents want to know everything, doesn't he get that?! Anyway, he said he didn't think he was actually at school for 6 hours, he said it seemed shorter, so I guessed from that that it must have been okay! But I did get a big hug when I picked him up and he continued to hug my leg the whole way to the car. So I guess it was fun, but familiar is always good too! ha, ha.
Also yesterday we got 2 packages for Ruby's birthday. One from each grandparent! My parents sent her a little set of stroller, baby swing, and crib for dolls (or stuffed animals!) and Zack's parents sent some stuffed animals for each of the kids. All the gifts were well loved and played with immediately as you can see from this picture. A perfect gift pair! Even Oliver thought the doll stuff was pretty cool and wanted to play with it too. Thanks grandparents!!
Also, this weekend (Labor Day) we went with our ward on a camp out to Camp Joseph in Vermont. It is right next to the birth place of Joseph Smith. Above is a picture of the Monument.
Surprisingly and thankfully both the kids had a blast camping and both slept really well. I was really worried about that before heading out. Plus it is a 3 hr. drive to get there, but the kids did great!
We don't actually have a tent, so we opted for the luxurious cabin option. Don't get to excited, it's just big enough to fit 2 bunkbeds and a folding chair in between! No big, but it did the job. The pack and play fit just between the beds so we were all snug in there like little bugs.
Oliver was always looking for the perfect marshmallow stick for roasting and he and the other kids had fun, and A LOT of sugar! We camped 2 nights and 3 days and had a blast. It was fun to spend time with some people in the ward and also the camp was really beautiful. We didn't get to many pictures, I kept forgetting to carry around the camera with me. Oh well. On Sat. afternoon they put out a huge slip and slide for everyone to dive down. Oliver actually went on it! He's kind of wimp in that department, so I was surprised to look over from the playground to see him going down! He went down several times and thought it was a total blast! If it had been warmer, I may have gone myself! It was tempting! ;)
Also last week was Ruby's birthday! She turned the big 2! We didn't do much for her birthday except bake a cake because it was Sunday and there was a hurricane warning all day, so not too exciting, but look at those faces! Are they just the cutest or what?! Oliver was helping her blow out her candles.
And I couldn't help but put this picture in because I thought it was just cute. Oliver is talking to Grammie and Grandpa on the phone and I think they were telling jokes. It's hard to have family far away, but it's nice that he is getting old enough to talk on the phone!
Well that's my little update. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!