Monday, May 16, 2011

Some pics of my little cuties......

The weather has finally gotten good enough to make some trips to the park!! Yay springtime!! Ruby and Oliver have been really enjoying the playground. Oliver has been making new friends with kids and having fun, and Ruby is discovering a love of the slide!!
This little girl love a good slide! She has to be torn away when it's time to go home.
Oliver finally discovered that he was "big enough" to climb up all the at the playground and it's made the park much more fun for all of us!

I guess wild hair runs in the family! Ruby sort of looks like one of the Beatles!

Hmmmm.....what can I say? I seem to get this face a lot! ha, ha

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our First Field Trip

Oliver and I went on our first school field trip of his academic career!! It was so much fun. His preschool teacher got a grant for the local Ecotarium and the Audobon Society to come to her class and teach the kids a number of times during the year about nature and animals, and then at the end of the series the kids got to go on a trip to each of the places. So first we went to the Ecotarium. It was a quick trip since preschool only lasts 2 1/2 hours and you have to travel to and from, but the kids thought it was AWESOME!!! I think they were more excited about riding on the bus than anything. They were cracking me up. They were all just chattering away about riding on the bus and how cool it was and how big it was and how they didn't have to wear seat belts, etc.... pretty funny.
They got to take a train ride around the grounds and see a few of the outdoor animals. They thought that was pretty fun.
I was worried the whole time this little girl was going to jump out of the train! She has a lot of energy and little fear!
Is there anything sweeter than little kids holding hands? So adorable.
They had a tasty snack of gold fish and orange juice that the school provided. I use to love to get a "field trip" school lunch when I was little. They always had good cookies as I remember.
They got to look around the museum quickly at all the neat exhibits. This one was about wind.
All and all they had a good time. (The above picture just reminds me of a little oreo cookie! ha, ha.) I can't wait for more field trips in the future! It's so cute to watch little kids get so excited about things at this age. Everything is cool to them. I'm glad I got to share in the fun!