Thursday, December 15, 2011

Naming Sickness

We are living in the sick house right now. I think for the past month, someone has been sick. But now finally this last week I have been sick and it has been completely miserable. I'm sure not only for me and my 8 month pregnant body, because I know we have been, but also for my poor kids getting a grouchy non-responsive mom and for Zack who comes home to a disaster everyday followed by kids needing some serious attention, followed by no dinner even started yet, and then a night full of me coughing in bed. Not to mention the seriously HUGE pile of laundry that is taking over our bedroom. Hey at least there are clean clothes right? I think that's a least something.....I think the count is up to like 7 loads all sitting there piled up. Yikes. Summary: Pregnancy and sickness should not be mixed. The poor baby is probably wondering (if they can wonder at this point) what in the world is going on, what's all the shaking during his nap time. I sort of feel like Santa Claus when I cough, which is constantly, my belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly! sigh. Sickness please GO AWAY!! Ugh.

But otherwise on my mind is the fact that we have no name for our child that will be here in 1 month. I mean this isn't really unusual for us, we are not thus far pre-birth namers, nor are we in a hurry post birth but with the first 2 we at least had it narrowed down to 2 names before going to the hospital that we liked and wanted to pick from. This kid? We got NOTHING. I'm afraid baby #3 is going to be a no name for awhile if we don't figure something out! We don't even really have a list of possibilities. It's kind of sad. I mean we have written a few down, but there is nothing on there that either of us is really attached to, I think most of them are on there because we don't want the paper to be blank. SIGH. Boy names stink. Any suggestions?
Well no one has come up with anything yet except for Oliver. His votes are either "Mr. G" or "City Kid." For no apparent reason, those are his picks. So there you have it. I think we will go with City Kid since Mr. G just sounds like some sort of thug or rapper. Won't the nurses be surprised when we tell them that City Kid has arrived! ha, ha. Well I guess here's to hoping we come up with another alternative!

Friday, December 2, 2011

A New Nephew!

I forgot to mention the most important news of November except my birthday of course! And that is that we have a new nephew and cousin!! My brother Greg and Kris Tina had their baby boy at long last on Nov. 19th! That's a pretty big deal for me since he's my only sibling, of course Zack has a big family, but I don't, so it's fun to have a new addition on my side. Now I get to share my birthday month with a cute little guy. His name is Henry and in true family fashion he's got some wild hair but unlike our kids it is blonde. It will be fun to have our 2 boys so close in age. So welcome little guy, we look forward to meeting you someday! And congrats Greg and Kris Tina!

(And I promise I will get your baby gift sent off before Christmas......what can I say? I'm 8 months pregnant! :) )


Today is THE day!!!

Today is the day that SCHOOLS.....OUT.....FOR......EVER!!!! (for Zack that is!) Today he is defending his dissertation and that is it. Done. Finito. No more school. How exciting is that?! It's only 200 pages long if anyone wants a copy! Who knew you could say so much about dirt! ha, ha. We have been married for almost 9 years and he has been in school for the whole of it and now today Zack becomes a man. Okay, just kidding he was already a man, but today he becomes a Doctor! Dr. Zack, how about that. (Well technically graduation isn't until spring time, but that's just a formality.) So I'm sure he would like it if all of you would start referring to him as Dr. Zack! ha, ha.

Congratulations Zack!!! We love you!!! We are so proud of you!
And good luck on the job hunt!

And of course what's a 2 month absense of posting without a few pics of the kids. And apparently we have no photos in Nov, so here is Halloween time. Oli the pirate and Ruby the pumpkin!

Some treats that grandparents sent for the kiddies were a hit.....
Me preggy at the ward party in the costume parade with Ruby stealing someone's gun in the background!

Balloon Boy!
Kids had fun carving the pumkin