Wednesday, February 29, 2012

6 weeks and counting

Well we made it to the 6 week mark with little August! And to celebrate I spent 2 hours at the
doctors office to get my post pardum appointment with 2 kids. F-U-N!! Okay the appointment wouldn't have taken that long, but by the time we were about to be seen by the Dr., August had been stalled long enough for eating and I couldn't really nurse him since I was wearing a hospital gown and so that would mean I would be sitting there basically naked feeding him when the Dr. came in, so I was waiting hoping I could stall and then feed him after. But he couldn't wait any longer after sitting in the room for awhile, so I busted out the bottle and started to feed him and of course like 3 min. later the Dr. finally came. Of course. So we chatted for a min. and she asked if I wanted her to just come back after she saw one other patient. So I said sure. Bah. So I finished feeding August and then we waited some more. Meanwhile little Miss Ruby was wandering around getting into everything, eating her crackers and playing with a measuring tape she found. Good times. Finally the Dr. came back and then we all got to enjoy me having my exam. Isn't being a Mom great sometimes! :( So 2 hours later and we finally left. I had planned on another errand to run while we were already out, but at that point it was just home again for us. Oh well, I guess the good thing is that it's done and we survived and thank goodness I decided to throw in a bottle just in case. That could have been SUPER awkward, not that my Dr. hasn't seen me ala naturale already, but still.
But enough about me, let's talk about my cutie 6 week old.
August isn't doing much, as most 6 week olds, but he has started to smile a little more and that is really cute. And he looks around at us and enjoys the kids talking to him. I can't say he is the perfect baby because he's not, but his cuteness makes up for a lot! ha, ha. He has become gassy and that has sort of cramped his sleeping style a little lately which is not great, but hopefully he will grow out of this fast. Fingers crossed. Poor little guy, it's sad to see them all annoyed when trying to pass gas. But otherwise he is getting bigger and he is really long- in fact I had to bust out Oliver's old 6 month sleepers because he was too tall for his 0-3 month ones! His little feet were all scrunched up. So here's to hoping that the next 6 weeks goes smoothly and that we get a bit more of a routine going....
Well at least here's to hoping!

And some Pics never hurt anyone right?

Ruby with a band aid mustache!

Oliver busting out of a pillow pile!

August zonked out!

We FINALLY got some snow this week so everyone else had fun playing and sledding down the hill in our backyard!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fear Factor

See this face? Seems cute eh? And don't get me wrong, it is, is also attached to a busy body named Ruby. Today is the last day that we have someone here to help us with the new baby. Zack's mom is leaving tomorrow morning. Ahhhhhhhhhhh........................................
I'm a little afraid, okay a LOT afraid. August is 1 month old now and doing pretty good, however as we all know it takes time to take care of babies. And what would a little 2 yr. old toddler do while mom is doing all these things with new baby? Yeah, meet my own personal Fear Factor!! So far for the past month we have had people here to distract/contain her, but come tomorrow, we are on our own. I'm afraid, very afraid.
For example, this morning I was upstairs putting August down for a nap and Ruby asked Bubbie (Zack's Mom) for a glass of apple juice. Sounds innocent right? Well next thing you know she comes into the living room and says (in a proud voice) "look! I wash my hair with apple juice!"
WHY??? Why would you do that little person?!
These are the kind of shinanagins I am afraid will be happening while I am off putting the baby down for a nap. Gesh.

So sweet, yet such a trouble maker. Any suggestions anyone? I mean I have tried in the past to put on a cartoon, but you just never know with her when she will wander off and find something to get in to. How do people have more kids??? How do they keep everyone out of trouble with say 6 kids? I never had this problem with Oliver, he was happy to just watch cartoons while I messed with Ruby or he would just play quietly and be happy. This is new territory for me.
I think my new motto is going to be: You Can't Stop Her, You Can Only Hope to Contain Her!!
Of course I have to figure out how to do that! ha, ha.
Wish me luck!!! I have the feeling I'm going to need it!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Was the Suspense Killing you???

Well here he his blogging debut! Tiny Baby #3!
He shall be known as:
August Jay B.
We debated and debated. August was my Great Grandpa's name and I have always liked it since I was younger. It also had a fun story that our family told that made him seem memorable in my mind. He owned a bar and then during Prohibition they had to shut it down and so on the mirror behind the bar he wrote up "the first of July is the end of August...." or something like that. I forget the exact story, but I always thought that was funny. Anyway. There you have it.
Okay so sorry about the complete delay of my post after the last one. I kept thinking I needed a picture before posting and then I just hadn't downloaded any and frankly we haven't taken too many. I guess that's the story of being a 3rd child! ha, ha.
I really wasn't trying to be that mysterious about his name, just getting use to having a 3rd child and a newborn and all the complexities of that in the family dynamic I guess. I'm thinking having a child in the midst of the "terrible twos" is not the best time for another baby. It's kind of hard to keep tabs on her and of course has made her a little more crazy with all the changes. Luckily we have had someone with us for the first 3 weeks and Zack's mom will be with us for 2 more weeks. Whew! Thank Goodness.

So far August has been a really good little baby. And most importantly I think our prayers and everyone else's prayers for us that he would be a good sleeper have apparently made us sound so desperate to Heavenly Father that he has blessed us with a baby who.......wait for it.............
sleeps in his own bed!!! Oh, I can't tell you what a miracle this has been for us! I seriously started praying for this from the day I found out I was pregnant and I didn't stop, and still don't since it seems like a dream that could end at any moment. Seriously every time I put him down for a nap or at night, I hold my breath and think he is just going to wake up and I'm going to have to hold him. But so far there have only been a few instances but otherwise he is sleeping in his cradle with no arms attached!! I'm not going to lie, it's sort of blowing my mind. I can't believe what it's like to have a newborn and not have to hold it for all naps and all night. It's amazing! Now if I just didn't have other kids to take care of during the naps that would be some serious nap time for me. Oh well, can't have it all!!

Oh yeah, and here were his stats at birth: He was 8 lbs. 10 oz. and 22 inches long.
So so far all the kids have been the same length but this baby was the smallest by one oz. And the delivery was the greatest out of them all. I only had to push for 10 min!! I mean of course I was in labor longer, but the actual pushing was short. So over all not too bad.
We are just grateful all went well and he is healthy and SLEEPING!!