Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update from Hayseed County

First of all, this little girl turned 3!!

What did she want for her b-day dinner?  "Noodles!"  
So although not very festive or exciting, noodles it was!

She loved all the gifts she received especially her ballerina outfit and her fairy wings!
Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, what can you say about her?  She is a delight.  She is funny and crazy and wild and mischievous and crazy, did I mention crazy?  Since we moved to OK, her little world has been sort of rocked, she started sleeping in a bed, she ditched a very beloved friend "binks" the binky, she has a new home and new people to meet and she still has that pesky little brother that takes up Mom's time.  But she is so fun and we love her booty shakin' self!  

Oliver and August are the best of friends, they are super cute together.  If anyone can get a giggle out of August, it's Oliver.

August continues to LOVE his walker.  I think he may not even crawl, he might just wake up one morning and WALK!  :)  (the kids call it his wheelchair.)

I have made 2 delicious bread recipes lately.  Now I am not a bread maker, I tend to sort of botch bread that has to rise, but both of these worked out.  There was a french bread (above) recipe found here and a roll recipe found here.  They were both super tasty and they both freeze well!  Give them a go!

Oliver started Soccer, so cute.  He's loving it!

We became a little more adult and got a lawn mower.  That's it, we are adults- mini van? Check.  Lawn Mower?  Check.

Just chillin' a bit.

A rare moment when no one is fighting or crying or whining!  Hooray!!

We have been trying to make our house more of a home with a few projects here and there.  Ruby helped me pot a few house plants that she loved doing!

Well I guess that's about all that's going on here.  Just plugging along, waiting for visitors to come.  Any takers?