Saturday, September 29, 2007

Oliver getting a trim

This is Oliver getting one of his many hair trims!! Oliver has a lot of hair and it seems like I am always having to trim it, it grows so fast!! Sometimes it works and other times it can get kind of funky, but what can you do?? I found it's rather difficult to trim a baby's hair since they won't hold their head still and the fact that I am not a trained hair dresser, two strikes against me, but I continue to try anyway!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Sunday Afternoon

We decided to go out on a Sunday walk a few weeks ago and we went to a lake nearby, but we really went to the YMCA which we thought the trails would lead us around the lake, but really they just went around the YMCA building, so then we ended up hanging out at a Veteran Memorial in the middle of the street on a little grass island 1. because it was there and 2. because it didn't have any trash which is rather unusual here in MA. Every time we go to a park here that looks nice, you get out and start walking around and realize that there is always trash everywhere. It's kind of sad, especially for those trying to enjoy the outdoors. Sigh. Oh well...any way the pics are still cute right?!

This boy loves his rocks, dirt, and sticks!! He can't seem to get enough. Plus he recently has taken a liking to pointing at objects and then cooing or screaming whichever is his pleasure of the day!

Oliver pointing at a new found treasure outside the YMCA

Mom and Oliver getting ready to go to the park and play!!

Oliver and his stick!!

Ode to Georgia

Oh sweet Georgia, how we do miss thy ever luscious lands! Thy green trees and bright sun, thy dewy air and southern charms. We miss you wonderful Georgian people, your kind "hey" and your hospitable down home feel. Country roads and local markets, slower life and more money in our pockets! We truly feel home sick for thee our sweet, sweet Georgia and all our friends we there would see. In Georgia we became a "family" and we made some great friends for life. We will always have a piece of our heart left in Georgia's southern skies.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our new Digs

So these pictures are of our new digs here in MA!! Okay, so it's only a part of the house because I'll be honest-- the rest of the house was looking a little scary. So those pictures will have to wait until I get a chance to clean up a little and finish unpacking!! But the first is the outside, we are on the 1st floor. The 2nd is of the entryway ( the door straight ahead goes a a bedroom.) the 3rd is of the living room and the 5th is looking the other direction at the living room/ office. Anyway this is it for now. I guess this is mostly for my family, as they have been asking to see where we are living. More pics later.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We moved to our 2nd apartment in MA and we were unpacking. This is Oliver helping us do so... Sorry the camera work is pretty shaky. Oh well, enjoy Oliver anyway and the sneak peak of our new apartment!! More to come later!

Thank ya, thank ya very much

Oliver's Aunt and Uncle gave him this WICKED (as the locals here say) birthday present!! If you can't tell what it is, it's an Elvis jumpsuit!! Oh yeah, that's right, any of you out there raging with jealousy just know that only the best Aunt and Uncle could get a gift so glamorous as this! Oliver will be sporting this outfit soon in some fabulous Worcester hot spots!! Pictures to follow.....

Oliver doing some filing

Hey everyone, we're back!!! It's been awhile, I know. But with moving and Zack starting school, it's been kind of crazy around our new house. But here is a video of Oliver who has climbed up on our file box and is having some fun! This was at our 1st apartment in Worcester and it was the first time Oliver had climbed up onto something!! I walked into the room and there he was, sitting like a little prince on top!