Sunday, December 9, 2007

What's happened to Martha?

I don't know if anyone else out there likes Martha Stewart, but I have been known to be a Martha enjoyer in the past. And when I say the past, I mean the past as in before she went to jail when her show was not live, but pre-taped, no audience. I found her to be the "Miss Manners" of the 20th century, the guru of what is proper and good and how traditions can enrich your lives. I always found it fun to watch all the things she did at the "finest quality." All that sounds kind of ironic seeing as she went to jail after that, but hey no one is perfect. Anyway, I enjoyed her show, not that I was an avid watcher or anything since I worked, but I did like it when I saw it. So when I had Oliver, I was sort of excited because I was going to be home during the day, so I could catch me a little Martha. So I was simply shocked when her "new and improved" Martha Stewart show came out. It was horrible!!! Does anyone else agree? She is an awful host and interviewer! She is so stiff and not hip, but she's trying to be, or at least her producers want her to be. I'm sorry Martha but you are! That's sort of why I think I liked her before, she wasn't trying to be hip or cool, she was just a lady that could easily belong to "the finer things" club sharing tips, tricks, recipes, and tools. But now, it's almost painful to watch her, I mean the segments are so short because she has to be interviewing some celebrity while at the same time showing them how to do a craft or gardening or cooking, and so she is just hauling along and so at the end she always just says, "see the website for more details on how to do...." So you really don't even see how to do the stuff she is doing, and so really what is the point of watching, to see her be totally lame while she interviews someone? No, just go straight to the web sight. I was sorely disappointed so see her in a sense sell out for more publicity and ratings or whatever. As if she wasn't popular enough as it was. Anyway, don't watch the show, it's awful. I guess that's my review for the week. Just had to get it out there. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!