Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Summer Photos I forgot to download

 So apparently, I forgot to download our summer photos from one of our cameras.  Oops.  And there were some fun memories, so I couldn't just let them go.  Above is Ruby, Auggie, and Grandpa eating some icecream.  I love that August looks like he is getting a lesson on how to eat it.  He's so intent.
                                                         Bubbie reading a book to Ruby.
 August had a blast going down the slides this summer!  Zack's parents have a playground behind their house, so we spent a lot of time there.  The kids loved it!
                                                    Look at that face!  What a cutie!

 Oliver got to try out a dunk tank at a 24th of July (Pioneer day) celebration.  He loved it to our surprise! 

 My Dad and Ruby trying to put training wheels on Oliver's new bike that he got for his b-day! 
 We went to the zoo for Ruby's b-day.  They have a big pond out front with this cool dragon statue in it. 
                                                             Looking at the Kangaroos
                                              The Little Princess on her 4th birthday!