Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Oliver has been up to lately

Burning the Midnight Oil


As many of you know, I have never been what one would call "athletic." I sort of have bad hand eye coordination, which makes it hard to excel in most sports. But I have recently found a sport I am really good at! Kitchen Baseball!! Oli pitches to me and I hit the ball. I am getting really good, I hit probably 88% of the balls thrown at me which is pretty good considering a 2 year old is the one throwing it. It has become his favorite activity the last 2 days. Watch out world series of kitchen baseball, here I come!!

*Since it's hard to take a picture of myself, and Oliver isn't capable of it yet, I had to settle for a cute picture of Oliver playing Kitchen Baseball instead.

My birthday wish: I've decided that every new mom and old mom for that matter should be issued one of these when they leave the hospital!! I mean seriously, who doesn't need a good massage like 5 times a day! And frankly Zack and I are too tired to give one to each other, but if we had one of these bad boys! Oh Yeah!
I'm thinking we could just stop eating for a month or two or five and then we could get us one of these chairs. When you sit in one at the store, it almost seems worth it. Almost.