Friday, April 18, 2014

We Went OUTSIDE!!! ON Purpose!!

Our little kittens.  Meow.
 Spring has finally sprung here in Michigan!!  Okay, well it's not really to the spring level that I like yet, but we have had a few days so far that we didn't want to run from car to door.  So there is hope!
 This winter may finally be at its end!  Can I get a HALLELUJAH??!!!  So as you can see, in honor, August broke out the sunglasses and it was High 5's all around.  "Way to go team, we made it!"
 So in honor of spring, we headed out last weekend to Meijer Gardens (a botanical garden near us.) 
 Each year in April they have thousands of butterflies in their indoor tropical gardens that you can go in and wander around and see.  It was pretty fun.  We even got several "I wuv butterflies" from August. 
 Then we let the kids play for awhile in the Children's Garden.  So of course the sand pit was a big hit.  And for a brief minute the kids were even playing together!  On purpose!  Without fighting!  (Warms a Mother's heart.)

 And then the kids ran around on the giant treehouse. 
 And lastly we hit up the giant horse sculpture before heading home.  Because well, our kids don't care much about sculpture, but they do love the gigantic grass hills you can roll down!!

We got many tsks from passing parents.  And lots of mad kids that their parents wouldn't let them roll down because they would get muddy.  Geesh people, let your kids live a little.  Our kids rolled all over that hill and they didn't get too muddy.  And most importantly they had a lot of fun being outside again!  YAY!!  Hooray for spring!