Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Where Have We BEEN??

Where haven't we been this summer is a better question??  So I realize that there has been some serious silence on the blog front, but we have been quite the movers and shakers this summer.  That coupled with a 2 month long cold and a cracked rib for me and a broken computer for Zack (which meant he was using mine for all his work stuff making it less available for me) made it a low posting summer.  It's not that things weren't going on, because they were, trust me they were.
 We have spent A LOT of time in the car this summer.  I mean A LOT.  A-LOT!  I'm talking like 65+ hours road tripping it in about 6 weeks time.  Whew.  We have had to take a serious break from the car just to get our land legs back!!
But the mini van ran like a champ, and the kids did pretty darn good all things considered.  Thank heavens for portable DVD players and redbox is all I can say.  

We stared out driving from Oklahoma to Utah to visit family which is always fun.  That's for another post.

 Then we came home 6 weeks later from Utah to Oklahoma, only this time we picked up an extra passenger.  Grammie!!  I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the back seat with Oliver (and she took in a few kiddy movies to boot.)
 The kids had fun going to the pool at the hotel on the way home.  We almost couldn't get them to get out!
 (I'm pretty sure this is a yawn not a surprise! ha, ha  It was pretty late, but what do you do when you've been cooped up in a car all day?)
Boo, bed time.

A lot of this happened.  Pretty sure the hotels don't like you doing this but hey....

Much ice cream was eaten in the car and out.  

And then Grandpa joined us in OK to make our next road trip a mere 5 days later to Michigan!  So of course more swimming was had.a

 And of course you have to stop at a Cracker Barrel on a road trip.  It's tradition.  Well at least when moving.  Which we tend to do often.  Ahem.

More car, more car, and more car.

Until at long last we got to our new home in MICHIGAN!!!  
Yep, if you didn't know already, this family has moved once again.  We are now new residents of Walker, MI.  (Outside of Grand Rapids.)  May we stay put for a little while.
So as you can see we were too busy riding in the boring old car to be posting on the blog, but hopefully we are back in business here!