Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Garbage Can

Who knew you could be so happy to see a garbage can!  But today after nearly 2 1/2 weeks in Oklahoma, we FINALLY got our city issued garbage can!!  YAHOO!!  I wish it looked as nice as the one in the picture above, but apparently when you live in a small town you don't get an actual "NEW" garbage can you get someone else's old one.  Yep, after hounding the city for the past 2 weeks about bringing one, I came home from the grocery store to find  a crusty, dirty old garbage can by our house.  Excellent.  I mean I know it's a garbage can and it's just going to get dirty anyway, but there is just something about knowing it's your own grossness as opposed to someone else's dirty gunk and dead bugs inside.  Sigh.  Oh well.  That's life in Hayseed County.  I guess I will just be happy that we finally got one.  Zack went in over 2 weeks ago and paid for the water/sewer/garbage and the lady said they would bring a can within a few days.  A few days passed, no can.  Zack went back in, and was met with a "they haven't brought that yet?"  Well fast forward another week and many more visits in to check on things and many more "they haven't brought that yets?"  We were getting frustrated.  I mean it's HOT here, really, really, hot, like 105 degrees hot and there our garbage is sitting out there in our backyard festering in the sun.  Gross. I mean there was an army of flies forming that would soon be big enough to carry our house away! So finally the woman drove by on Friday and stopped because Zack was outside and she said, "no garbage can still?" Of course not, she said the garbage guy brought one, but couldn't find our address and so he ended up dropping it off at someone else's house.  ARG.  How can you not find our address?  There are like 5 streets in our little po-dunk town.
Anyway, Zack went in on Monday to remind her to call the people.  And finally today we got our glorious used garbage can.  Now we can at least contain our sweltering stinky garbage!  Yipee.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We've Moved

Here are some words/frequent thoughts about our move and the nearly 2 weeks that we have been here in OK.  Most of them happened internally, but some of them good or bad were said or yelled or muttered out loud:

AAAAHHHHHH................, the whining, the crying, SIGH, really?, URGH, UGH, Thank you Grandparents, why me?, more crying, more whining, fighting, fighting and more fighting, oh for the love, Aaahhhh, grrrrr, what the?, seriously?, I'm going to throttle me some kids, where are we?, who's idea was this?, Blah, blah, blah, so much crying, so much whining, ARRRRGGGG!, (the sound of me banging my head against something.), Errrrrrrr, are you kidding me?, what kind of backward......, po-dunk, hayseed, backwater, aaaahhhhh, errrrrr, boo hoo hoo, doom, frustration, gross......IT'S SO HOT!

I'm kind of wishing I had one of those screaming clips where it cuts to different people screaming/crying/whatever.  That would kind of sum up the situation here with us.  In other words it has been rough.  Moving with 3 little kids is tough and were we moved is REALLY small, and our rental house is not the ideal situation, and of course we are missing New England and our friends there.  It's hard to move, change is hard, not just for little kids.  Give me a year or three and we'll see what happens.

And seriously, why is it SO HOT????  So, so hot.