Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sleeping Bear Dunes

 Over the 4th of July Weekend we went on a camping trip to northern Michigan to a place called Sleeping Bear Dunes.  It was so much fun, we had a blast!
 It sits right on the shores of Lake Michigan and several other lakes and as the name suggests, there are LOTS of sand dunes to climb and explore.  We stayed at a campground called Turtle Lake.  It was fun to camp right by a lake, and we camped with our friends from church which was fun too! 
We went into Traverse City to watch an air show and to visit their Cherry Festival.  This is Oliver in a giant pit of well....Cherry pits!  (At the store Cherry Republic, where you can get all things cherry.)
 Our campground had a fun playground and beach for the kids.  Plus they put on a great firework show over the lake on the 4th!
 We all got a lot of exercise climbing all those dunes!
                                          August is trying to "take" a picture here of us.
 As we were coming back from a big dune climb the sun was starting to set behind the large dune.  That's August up there.  He wanted to climb and run down and climb and run down over and over.  Oh to have the energy of a toddler!
 Isn't Michigan beautiful?!  Doesn't get much more beautiful than scenes like this!

                                                Ruby sneaking in a hug.
We didn't get many pictures of the actual camping, but the dunes and water were amazing!


Greg said...

So fun! I am very interested in the all things cherry place. I want to go to there.

Sarah said...

I'm not sure how I missed all of these pictures, but I did! Love them all. and yes, everywhere looks so pretty and fun. You will definitely have to get into the habit of updating this more often. You are bound for some very fun adventures!!!