Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some Face Time with Ruby!

Well I thought it had been awhile since we had any videos. Probably because we hadn't taken any really, slackers. So we have taken a few of Ruby lately to try and showcase that she is saying more words now, but of course the camera comes on and she doesn't want to say anything, oh well..... Hope the grandparents enjoy!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

She's BAAACCCKKK!!! But the plot thickens!

Just when we thought the stolen car thing couldn't get any stranger, there was a plot twist that was unexpected! We had no word all week about the car from the police so we kind of just figured it was gone, sold for parts or something. Then Sunday night the police showed up at our house at like 7:30 at night and said they had found our car. WHAT??
Apparently it was sitting out in front of an apartment complex and so they had stationed a police car there to watch it until we went to come pick it up. So since the kids were already in bed, Zack called our friend Phil and they went to go pick it up. This is where it's kind of strange.
So the police had said that they had just happen to spot it parked out on the street, but they had talked to some of the neighbors and it appears that whoever stole our car has been joyriding around in it all week. The neighbors said the person had driven it a lot. (Really? I mean what did they think they were doing? Didn't they think they would get caught? Who just drives around a stolen car to run their errands or whatever? Strange, strange.) So at this point Zack is thinking, okay so they are going to figure out who it is and arrest them right? I mean it would seem that the neighbors either know who the person is, or at least they could pick them out in a line up for sure. But when Zack got there all the police said was to check the car and see if anything valuable was missing and then he could just take the car. Ummm.....really? I mean who knows who this person is, what if they had come out guns a blazing while Zack is getting in the car? I mean that's unlikely, but still.....and there was no mention of even trying to catch the person at all, even though they were probably standing right in front of their apartment!!! What??? Really? I mean it was car theft, isn't that a pretty big deal?
We all thought that was strange. So Zack checked the car. Of course he never really left anything of value in the car because he can't always lock his car since the outside lock doesn't work on one side and the other side often jams. So he just doesn't leave anything in there, except garbage. Which the person who stole the car had neatly cleaned his car and put it all in a big trash bag that was sitting in the back seat. How kind of them to clean up his car for him!! ha, ha
However, Zack was devastated to find that they had taken his Cup O'Noodles that had been in there. How dare they!! So rude. ha, ha. But he didn't think that would count as a legit compliant for the police, so he kept that to himself. (Later we did realize that they had thrown out a booster seat we had for Oliver. That I am kind of mad about.) And of course Zack had just filled up his car with gas right before it was stolen and it was on empty when he got it back. Not cool, don't people know how much gas is these days?
They also left a little present for Zack- an ashtray full of ashes, and a car that wreaks like cigarettes. Gross.
So anyway. That's the story. The glorious Chariot is back where she belongs. She seems to be happy to be reunited with us and of course we with her. She may be old, but at least she runs, well, most of the time.
But we are thinking, how easy would it be for that person to come back and steal it again? Zack has had a few suggestions that he should get "The Club" for his car. Somehow it just seems kind of silly for a 21 yr. old car, but hey, maybe it's not a bad idea.

I guess we owe the police of Craziville a big thanks, but hopefully they aren't always so cavalier about all their cases. In the end I guess it's all worked out......But does anyone else find it all strange? We certainly do.