Monday, September 23, 2013

Back North, and East, but not too east!

So as I mentioned in my last post, we have moved to Michigan!!  We live near Grand Rapids, and so far we are LOVING it!!  Who knew Michigan was so awesome??  Not us.  But seriously, everyone should move here, it's great!
 Here is an almost good picture of the kids inside the moving truck, if only Ruby's hair wasn't in her face.  But honestly, it's always in her face, try try as I might. 
 We moved to Michigan for Zack to work at Grand Valley State University.  He took a visiting position here for various reason, but long story short was that the school in Oklahoma had some serious problems and we wanted to get out while it was still possible.  So we gave up security (sort of) and took a leap of faith and so far things are working in our favor and we are happy that we did. 
 My parents helped us move- AGAIN!!  Bless their hearts, I mean they have only helped us move 7 out of the 9 times we have moved in the last 10 years.  They are pretty awesome.  Pretty awesome indeed. 
 Luckily we had a little time once we got to Michigan for them to sight see a little bit before heading home.  So of course we had to go to the beach.  OH YEAH, that's right, you read me right, THE BEACH!!! 
 It is amazing!  There are tons and tons of beautiful beaches here to visit, and they are all basically 30 min from our house!  WHAT??  How incredible is that.  Seriously this is a hidden secret of Michigan.  I had no idea that they had such amazing beaches.
 The day we went with my parents it was a little chilly, so we hadn't planned on getting in the water, but just getting a look.  But let's face it, when there is water and children, there really is not stopping them.  Even my dad got in a little and jumped some waves.  (Yes, look at those waves!  I mean this is a lake.  Crazy.)
 But we have been back to a few different beaches since then and they are all so fabulous!  I mean look at that!  And the best part?  The water isn't salty!!  I love it!  That is one of my least favorite things about the ocean is the salty water, it burns.  Well that and all the seaweed gunk that washes up on shore that is kind of smelly.  Well folks, Lake Michigan has neither of those!  I'm sold.
 Auggie still hasn't figured out that he shouldn't eat the sand yet, but he had a few lessons, so I hope he's catching on.  He has a lot of fun trying to chase the seagulls.
 And Oliver is always on the quest to build a sandcastle that Ruby and August don't destroy.
 It's been so much fun to live so close to beaches.  I can't wait to explore some more next summer.
 Okay, but seriously, aren't you feeling a little tempted to move here by us?  Or at least come and visit?  Not convinced yet?  I'll get you all in the end.  I'll keep trying to tempt with other attractions.
But act fast, our spare bed might start filling up, so book you vacay to our house soon! ha, ha