Monday, February 15, 2010


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Hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day! We had fun making cookies and Valentines for all of Oliver's friends at church. Ruby enjoyed the stickers!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Too Smart for our own good!

Recently Oliver has been afraid of just about everything. But most of all he has been afraid to be alone. He flips out if he is left in a room by himself for more than a second. Thus we have been spending basically all of our waking and sleeping time constant company. (Not Cool.) So yesterday I was upstairs with Ruby and Oliver of course came too, but he forgot his stuffed tiger down stairs. So he was upset, and I told him, "Well just go down and get it." Of course he said, "No, I can't go down alone! I can't do it!" and a tantrum ensued. So then I started cheering, "Go Oli!!! You can do it!!! Get the Tiger!!! " So he got all excited and went and got it. When he came back up he was really upset and started to whine on the bed. I said, "What's the matter? You did it! You got tiger all by yourself!" To which he replied, "YOU DISTRACTED ME, YOU DISTRACTED ME!!!"
Shoot, how did he know that? I had and it worked, but he realized it after. Darn he's onto us! He's just getting to smart for his own good. Too bad we can't convince him that there's nothing to be afraid of in the house. I might actually get to take a shower in peace!