Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Oliver never wanted a sister.  Too bad kid.  Well I shouldn't say never, if Ruby had been a boy, he probably wouldn't have wanted a brother either.   Child #2 was destined to be disliked by him just for the mere fact that he was no longer getting all of our attention.  Poor Ruby, she never stood a chance.  Sadly she has always LOVED Oliver but the feelings were not returned.  They are on better terms now that Oliver sees that she can play with him sometimes and it's "kind of" fun.  ha, ha.  I'm sure in a few years they will be closer when Ruby is able to follow rules and the like.
But when we found out that child #3 was going to be a boy, Oliver was over joyed!!  Yes, a brother!!  And from then on it's been a whole different story.  Sure August has his moments when Oliver has been annoyed because he is taking up precious parent time, or he is destroying something that has been worked on with determination, but overall Oliver loves him and thinks he is funny.  So I'm a confident that someday, they are going to be the best of friends.  Let's just hope they don't unite in tormenting their sister, that's all we ask!  ha, ha.
Zack captured this moment with the two brothers.  It's pretty cute.
  Seriously, how cute is that?  Pretty sweet.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tornado Alley

I'm sure most everyone has seen on the news about the tornados that have been hitting here in Oklahoma the last 2 days.  It's been kind of scary hearing the sirens go off and watching the news and running to the shelter, but luckily our town hasn't been hit so far.  But yesterday they hit very close to us on roads we drive daily.  It's pretty scary.  But I just thought I would put it out there that we are okay and untouched besides hail at this point.  Just in case any one is worried about us out there, which I know you all are!  ha, ha.  Hopefully us newbies make it through our first tornado season without ulcers in our stomachs, it's a little nerve racking!  How do people live here their whole lives???  Crazy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Party, A Museum, and a Happy Mother's Day!

 A few weeks ago we got invited to a birthday party for a girl in our ward that is in between ages for Oliver and Ruby.  And of course we all know how our kids love a birthday party!!  So they were super excited.  Sadly it had rained the whole day before so the yard was kind of squishy, but the kids didn't seem to mind.  August loved this riding horse.  He spent most of the time petting it's nose and wanting someone to help him on it.
 I just thought this photo was hilarious!!  I mean what a moment to capture!  ha, ha.  It's like someone slipped them both a lemon or something!  Next to Ruby is her little BF here in OK, Kaila.
 Oliver enjoying his gigantic piece of cake!
We have finally been enjoying a little bit of nice weather here in OK.  So the kids have been taking advantage of that and have eaten their dinners outside a few times. 

Hmmmm.....all these pictures seem to involve eating.  We must like to eat around here!  ha, ha

We also went to a museum in OKC a few weekends ago that was pretty fun.  They had a Chihuly exhibit that is permanent.  It was SUPER cool.  I love him.   Not only does he do such beautiful glass work, but he  holds a special place in our hearts because Zack and I went on our first date to see one of his exhibits in SLC during the Olympics. 

Anyway, it was pretty cool, if anyone comes to visit us, we would be happy to take you there to see it! 
 ;)   They were also having a kid craft time, so the kids got to make kites.  You can't really see it much here, but they were pretty fun.
But sadly August got banned from the craft room since there were many MANY things for him to get into.  Beads, glue, scissors, ribbons, buttons, hot glue get the picture.  But he did get to run around in the halls a lot while Zack  watched him.  I'm sure the museum people loved that!
 Okay, so I ran across this video.  It is from our trip moving last summer to Oklahoma.  It just sort of sums up their relationship.  Cute and then whap, not so cute.  I just thought it was funny.  I'm sure no one can relate to this at all.  ha, ha, ha

And then these next to videos are for our Moms for Mother's Day. ( I know, this post is getting long, but....) I tried and tried to get them downloaded on the blog on Mother's Day and every day since and it just wouldn't do it.  Then I did the one above and it worked so I thought hey, I'm going to try and get these 2 on as well AND it WORKED!!!  YAY!
Mom and Candyce, these are 2 Mother's Day songs for you, rather late, but it's the thought that counts as they say!!  (Don't mind the goofiness, that's part of the charm of getting kids to sing to you right?!)