Sunday, March 3, 2013


He has been up and about for the last couple of months, but in the last 3 weeks he's really been taking off the training wheels.

It's so fun to see him cruising around like a little Frankenstein with his stiff legs and arms waving.  And he gets such a kick out of the fact that he can get around himself that he just giggles and giggles.  I love this stage of babies, they are so fun.

He has also in the last week started saying "Ball" which is super cute.  He loves balls and goes around throwing them and staying, "ball, ball, ball."  Really fun.  He even manages to get in on the sibling fun while they are being crazy, he gets right in the mix of it all and screams and tackles with the best of them.

So here is August walking at an Art Museum that we went to on Saturday.  (I know, aren't we cultured?) It's not the best video, but every time I get out the camera to catch him, he doesn't want to walk anymore.  UGH...So I finally caught him at the museum a little.
Like I say in this video, I'm pretty sure the security guards were having a heart attack with us there at the museum.  Three little kids walking around giggling and such plus one of them not so stable on his feet!  Let's just say we were definitely being followed (like hawks.)

And this last video is of Oliver after He and Zack went to a Thunder basketball game in OKC this week.  Oliver thought that was a real big treat to go out with dad on a special night.  He had so much fun.  The only way Zack was able to peel him away so they wouldn't get home too late for bedtime was an ice cream bribe!  And apparently he was holding the program book the whole night.  What a cutie.