Sunday, May 23, 2010

Party in the tub

This was Oliver and Ruby's first bath together! It was so much fun. The first video was kind of calm, and the second is when things really got going! Ruby was in heaven just crawling around in there with Oliver. So funny. Enjoy! (Wait, scratch that, after previewing this I got the videos in the wrong order.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy!!

Happy Birthday Grammy and Mom!! We hope you have a wonderful day, we all love you so much! Hope you enjoy some of the pictures from when you were here visiting a few months ago! (And some new ones too.)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What's New?

Well so it's been awhile since I have blogged mostly because I kept meaning to download some pictures onto the computer and just never did it and thus kept putting off posting things. So I decided tonight I just needed to post w/out pictures to get the ball rolling again. So I thought I would update what we have all been up to lately!

ZACK: He has been busy working on his dissertation at school. Getting participants to come and do his experiment. So far so good. Genius on the rise! ha, ha. He has also been keeping very busy with the YM in the ward and even went on a 15 mile bike ride with the scouts that was VERY hilly. And seeing as he hasn't been on a bike in probably 3 or 4 years I thought that was pretty awesome!

SHANNON: I've been doing dishes and laundry! And tons of it! Ok, maybe it just feels that way, for some reason they never seem to end. Just when you finish, you turn around and there is more! Sigh. But otherwise I've been enjoying the sunshine and planting some flowers outside, and cleaning out the basement! I'm getting myself ready to do some craft projects but I'm trying to decide which one to so first. Otherwise just taking care of the kids.

OLIVER: My goodness, this boy is cuter than ever! He has been running around outside loving life and having a backyard!! He has also been golfing up a storm in the backyard. He is becoming ever more independent and wants to do everything himself and help me with everything. That can be adorable or really frustrating. He is potty training really well, like a pro. He has been really into numbers lately and is learning how to read the numbers on signs. He is also learning the value of money and has decided that he wants A LOT of it. (Don't we all kid!) And Oliver has discovered his groove. He has been dancing up a storm lately and let me tell you it is both adorable and hilarious. If we can manage to get some video of it I will post it. He's got some great moves and even a little break dancing. He also has a crush on his primary music teacher. He loves primary but her really loves music time. He thinks she is the coolest and has wanted to take her some special things to show his affection. So cute.

RUBY: "Little Miss Ruby" as Oliver likes to call her has been crawling up a storm! And she is FAST. She is into everything and especially loves to chase Oliver around. She is getting so big, it's crazy. She is starting to "talk" a lot, I'm afraid we are going to have another chatterbox on our hands. She is also starting to pull herself up on things, she's going to be walking before we know it! YIKES. But she smiles and smiles and smiles and that makes her a lot of fun. She's a happy little baby.

We have also had a loss in the family, a beloved stuffed animal panda bear lovingly named Pandy has been lost. We have no idea what happened to him but he is gone. So far Oliver is coping but Zack and I have been waiting for it to sink in and the horror of it all to begin. Hopefully it won't but it just seems like that would be to easy. If you are out there Pandy, come home, we miss you!