Saturday, June 20, 2009

He's off to JAPAN!! Our Happy Daddy!

Well no pictures because I'm still at my parents house and don't know how to get around their computer well, so pictures will have to wait. But in other news, Zack is now in JAPAN!! On his summer of research! So far he has been delayed by a Volcano, refused tea, coffee, and beer, taken a Japanese bath (I haven't found out exactly what that entails yet!), almost been inducted into some kind of cult, left jilted by his host family at a tea ceremony, and to his pure joy discovered that he could get normal icecream and coke there. And he's only been there a WEEK!! Imagine what can happen in the next 6-8 weeks! So far, so good. He's had many a discussion about mormons already, I told him he needed to find some missionaries there and get himself a stack of Books of Mormon and just start doling them out! :)

And while Zack is in Japan, we have continued to enjoy or last few weeks in Utah with our family and friends. I feel like I have grown a belly to rival Santa Claus in the time we have been here. And I think Oliver has grown a foot taller! (Ok, not really, but he is getting tall!)
Mostly I just wanted to tell Zack that we hope he had a good Father's Day!!! We love and miss him. (I say it in past tense since he's already onto Monday in Japan now.) Singing "Halloween Cat" just isn't the same without you!