Monday, February 10, 2014

Never Ending Snow-ow Fall....

So it has snowed A LOT this winter.  Actually that's kind of an understatement.  I heard on the radio this morning that since Dec. 1st to today has been 82 days and of those 82 days, it has snowed 60 here in Michigan!!  What?  That is some serious snow weather!  I think someone at church told me we have had 90 inches of snow this winter so far!  Yowza!

Not to mention that it's been in the teens for what seems like ever!  Everyone here is a buzz with the fact that next week it's suppose to get up to 32 degrees.  I mean seriously?  Are we really getting  excited about 32 degrees?  But we are!  Amazing what you can get use to, and what you can become excited about! ha, ha

Zack said our mailboxes look like a hobbit hole.  (Poor Mailman need some off roading gear.)  The snow is up over the top of them.  And when he uses the snow blower it just blows snow into a giant snow wall.  It can't even launch it over the top anymore.  Talk about a winter wonderland!

Sadly the kids haven't even gotten to go out and play in all that snow too much because it's just been too darn cold. But once in a while they just can't resist the call of the snow and they brave  the chill.
So we have been spending a lot of time indoors, which at times has been really fun, and at times a little trying.  But we are making the most of it!  And we still LOVE Michigan despite the cold weather.  It has been really beautiful with all the whiteness. 

This is kind of a sad picture considering how terrible the Broncos did in the Super Bowl, but Oliver and I made a cake.  It was pretty tasty!

Everyone enjoyed it!!
Well, can't wait until next week when it's going to be so warm we can bust out our swimsuits!  Okay, maybe just one less layer!  Stay warm!


llcall said...

Holy snow, Batman! We desperately need some of that down in here the mountains of CA. We've had a statewide fast for snow/rain; people where we live tell us that if we don't get moisture soon, the whole area is just going to burn this summer. Could you ship any of that whiteness our way?

Zack said...

Absolutely!! It's on it's way. :) ha, ha. I wish we could. I think once it actually starts to melt we are going to have some serious flooding here! Some one here on fast Sunday said they were fasting for a more equal distribution of moisture! ha, ha.

Jenn said...

I'm only a month behind...but gees! That is a lot of snow! Those are really pretty pictures!!