Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Letter------ DENIED!!!

For awhile now Oliver has told us that these 2 little girls in his 2nd grade class kept telling them they were in love with him and chasing him around the playground during recess. ( Much to his complete HORROR I might add.)  And our Primary president at church happens to work at his school as an aid during recess among other things and she told us that these girls are relentless.  I guess it's tough to resist his adorableness!  ha, ha.

Anyway a few weeks ago he came home all disgusted because he had found the following note in his locker at school.

In case you can't read it, "Oliver, I kind of like you.  Isabel/Oliver.  Happy Valentines"

And then I caught him writing his response that he said he was going to post up in his locker just in case anyone was inclined to leave such a declaration ever again:

"Please don't leave I am-in-love-with you notes in my locker Isabel or Mandy.  Warning."

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha...........Oh man, I can not wait to remind him of this someday when he actually decides to like a girl!  Luckily we intercepted his posting of this and told him he should probably just ignore it instead of being rude.  What a kid.  He cracks me up!  Sorry girls, Love letter-- DENIED!!


llcall said...

Now THAT is awesome!! Great laugh for the day. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Ok, his response letter is the BEST!! I love, love, love it!! hahahahha

Jenn said...

Lol -- that is great. I like that their letter said, "kind of like you" -- at least it wasn't too mushy! ;) Poor kid is gonna have a rough life.